Reece, who is fifteen years old, lives in Perth, Western Australia where he displays a writing maturity that greatly belies his age. This amazing talent for literacy has won him many awards including finalist in the 2008 Tim Winton Award for Young Writers and both first and third place in the 2010 Shorelines Performance Writing Competition. Since the age of five he has written many short stories and prose. At the age of ten, Reece began writing his first full novel, “Justin Gale Deals with Death”. This work is the first of a series which explores the timeless, anarchist, technophile society of Immortals into which the protagonist, Justin Gale, is forced by circumstance. The novel was finished when Reece was fourteen and stands with the best of contemporary dark and comedic science fiction. He has been applauded by peers as the next Douglas Adams or Terry Pratchett but he personally aims to be to Australian literature what Nick Cave is to Australian music.


“Age 12, Newgate Orphanage, Room seven, Justin Gale…” is the next entry in an ever increasing inventory on Death’s Justin Gale Deals with Death Covercomputer. For Death it is just another terminal illness, just another mundane task, just another soul for his collection. Little does he realise just how consequential this house call will become.

Justin Gale is not your typical teenager and does not give up his soul so easily. He has an ace up his sleeve; he traps Death and barters the evil half of his soul for immortality.

But who could have foreseen that Death’s technophile henchman, the mistreated Havoc, would free the evil half-soul? Who could have foreseen the half-soul rampaging through space and time, searching for perfect vengeance on the reality that created it? Who could have foreseen an  Archangel make the monumental mistake of fitting every donkey in existence with an iPhone? This is the universe as seen by immortals; a space-time of shady characters, incredible technologies, time travelling dinosaurs and heavily armed genocidal ants. It is the universe that Justin, with Death as guide and mentor, must navigate to unravel a mystery that will, at least once, destroy reality.


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